Promote Objectivism to students through Free Objectivist Books

14 Mar 2012

The Free Objectivist Books website is going strong. So far 238 books have been requested, and 165 of those have found donors.

However, that leaves 73 requests unfulfilled! You can help by signing up to donate and pledging 5 books.

Here’s how it works: Students sign up on the site, choose a book they want to read, and say why they want to read it. Donors read these personal appeals, choose which ones they want to sponsor, and send the books directly to the students. As a donor, you’ll get a personal thank-you note from the student, and you’ll hear when they finish reading the book, as well as what they thought of it.

For instance, Justin Walters, studying business at Sterling High School in Somerdale, NJ, says: “Ayn Rand comes up a lot in intelligent conversation, and I want to read at least one thing so I know what people are talking about. In the process, I’ll read a potentially life-changing book.”

Savannah Steele, studying Studio Art in Minneapolis, MN, wants to read Atlas Shrugged “to learn more about how to live. I am interested in Rand’s ideas about ideal behavior and I want to understand why she thinks individuals should work towards their own happiness, not for the success of a group.”

Again, to be clear, donors don’t give cash donations; they give books directly. It’s up to you whether you want to buy the book online and ship it directly to the student, find it in a used bookstore, or mail a copy that is already sitting on your shelf. Sponsoring one student typically costs around $7.

Sign up to donate today

Also, please let me know if you have suggestions for how to reach more students who might be interested in taking advantage of this program.